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About Us

A Business Initiative of The Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed - The Mosque Cares

“Let us stand up to our responsibility not just as individuals females and males working hard to achieve more material to our credit, more businesses to our credit until our neighborhood looks like a normal neighborhood. It is not a normal neighborhood when everybody else is selling you your needs in your neighborhood and going back to their neighborhood where their needs are provided by their own people, it is not normal and we cannot accept it.”  Imam W. Deen Mohammed


The Your Products Business Initiative Program has been put into motion so our community can supply ourselves with our needs. When you think of Your Products think of Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Sams Club.  The Mosque Cares financial strength relates directly to your financial strength.  We believe this project will help put money in your pocket. 

If you are already in business, find out what it means to become a partner, distributor and carrier of The Your Products label.  See how you can have your products added to the Your Product brand.  Entrepreneurs can get started today by visiting YourProductsIWDM.com and making distributor purchases or calling 708-679-1587. Future and current products may include:  coral calcium, jewelry, Islamic clothing, footwear, skincare products, halal foods like organic honey, black seed products, coffee, paper goods, gardening supplies, automotive products, etc.

Your Products Program, PO Box 2069, Matteson, IL  60443